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An award winning marketing and communications professional, Daniels was most recently tasked with maintaining and continuing to grow the Beach’s iconic brand.  As the Director of Marketing and Communications Daniels was responsible for all marketing, communications, public relations, graphic design, photography, media production (MBTV), social media, community outreach, sponsorships and advertising related to the city. She also oversees the City’s branding, licensing and merchandising initiatives as part of a recent licensing agreement projected to serve as a significant revenue stream for the city from local and international partnerships. 

Managing a $2.3 million budget and fourteen employees, She works closely with all citywide departments to develop comprehensive marketing and communications plans that effectively communicate the overall brand of the City of Miami Beach, while simultaneously working to keep residents adequately informed on city matters and targeting tourists to come and enjoy the Fun & Sun Capital of The World. In this capacity, she is also currently working on the rebranding of the tourism marketing campaign for the City of Miami Beach and the creation of the Economic Development branding.  

Since being appointed as Director in 2016, Daniels has led her team through a variety of high-profile crises, including the onset of Zika in Miami Beach, three hurricanes, the unexpected collapse of a 12-story building and the 2019 Super Bowl. Most recently she has led the team through all crisis communications pertaining to COVID-19 in Miami Beach including a decrease in tourism, economic conditions and balancing communications between both residents and visitors by building a solid crisis communications plan with a custom campaign.  Using her vast knowledge and experience in crisis communications she has not only kept the residents informed, but has also been able to guide local and national press, create custom communications tools to efficiently communicate all efforts of the City and work with all partners to continue to successfully promote Miami Beach as a safe vacation destination. Through these efforts, she has built a solid crisis communications plan that involves every area of her team— receiving many accolades for her outstanding communications and outreach efforts.  She works year-round to continue evolving this plan as well as participating in many simulation trainings to always stay at the ready. 

She began her career at the City of Miami Beach in 2013 as the development coordinator.  Within 18 months, she was promoted to Marketing, Tourism and Development Manager.  In that capacity, she developed and coordinated the start of the first strategic licensing plan for the City.  She was also responsible for coordinating all marketing plans for the City, including the centennial campaign in 2015 that honored Miami Beach’s rich history with 100 days of celebration and activations.  Knowing the power and importance of digital media in today’s world, Mrs. Daniels also spearheaded the shift to utilizing promotional posts via social media to promote city events and programs. She built successful working relationships with various big-name sponsors throughout the years, most notably with Coca-Cola. During this time, she worked to create a limited-edition Miami Beach Centennial Coke bottle to commemorate the centennial anniversary -- something Coke had not done in 10 years.  Daniels was also instrumental in the launch of the first anti-litter campaign in the City of Miami Beach, creating one of the biggest campaigns the city has launched and growing her portfolio with other major marketing initiatives thereafter. 

Prior to joining the City of Miami Beach, Daniels worked for the Rockford Park District, one of the largest Park District in Illinois, where she managed the Corporate Partnership program. During this time, she exceeded all goals set by at least 26 percent per year and was responsible for a total of $2,726,896 in partnership sales.  While in this position she also developed and managed brand alliances utilizing multi-channel marketing concepts, developed and managed strategic events to utilize cross-channel promotion strategies, developed over 120 custom marketing plans per year and managed event budgets to ensure profits over expenses.  

Featured in a trade publication for the success of a sponsorship business development program, she also created and maintained the department annual budget and operations plans, trained 185 full-time managers on partnership event sales policies and procedures, increased the number of corporate partners by 400% and created and presented reports including website analytics, demographic information and statistical results to ensure high-quality partnerships and activations. 

Daniels holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Northern Illinois University as well as a Master of Business Administration from Rockford University.

About Me: About Me
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